February 24, 2012

Toastmasters, Podcasting And Podcamp Toronto 2012 (#pcto2012)

 by Promod Sharma, President 2011-2012

As a speaker, you know that your voice is important. This is especially true when you're unseen. On the phone, you've got two way interaction, which gives feedback. In a webinar, you can get some live input too.

What about podcasting?

Here you're often recording your voice in private. There's no opportunity for live feedback. Writing is the same way. Maybe you like the isolation because you can practice and perfect in private.

Your Medium?

Podcasting may be the ideal medium for you. You might feel more comfortable when you're unseen and have complete control. Podcasting is easy and inexpensive.

Visit Podcamp Toronto 2012 on February 25-26 at Ryerson University. Admission is free. You'll be able to attend many different sessions. If you don't like one, you're free to leave ("the law of two feet").

podcampTO 300x250Participate

PodcampTO is a true unconference (thoughts from Mitch Joel). You're expected to participate. That's an opportunity to practice the impromptu skills you learned with Table Topics. If you don't like something, you're empowered to make changes. There's a feeling of controlled anarchy.


You'll have the opportunity to see many speakers. Their skills vary. Yet they all have the courage to address an audience. As a Toastmaster, you do too. You have the added advantage of spotting ways to improve.

While You're There

I have an interactive session on Building Trust With Podcasting. The views are bound to be unconventional because I don't listen to any podcasts but have recorded 155+.

Trust matters for our personal and business success. The rules have changed and so have our tools. Podcasting can be an effective component of your strategy. Even if your audience is small, you've got opportunities for big, indirect rewards.

You don't need any experience. Explore the WHY building trust with podcasting with questions like these
  1. How to build trust in today's won't-get-fooled-again world
  2. Why blogging vs builds trust better than podcasting
  3. How to get comfortable with the sound of your voice
  4. How to think when your brain freezes
  5. When video matters
  6. Where you get ideas
  7. What equipment you need
  8. How do you measure success
 This session is related to Turbocharge Your Club With Social Media (co-presented with Jonathan Holowka at the last District 60 conference), Building Trust With Social Media (CALU 20) and Building Trust With Blogging (from Word11).


Promod Sharma has been podcasting since 2009. You'll find Riscario Insider on iTunes and the Internet Archive.

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