February 19, 2012

Table Topics: Inventions

Victor Blandonby Victor Blandon, Advanced Communicator Bronze

Word of The Day

The word of the day is COIN (verb) - To make; invent; fabricate: to coin an expression. You may not use COIN to mean a piece of money

Members who don’t use the word pay a $0.50 fine. There’s no penalty for guests.


Each attendee will randomly select a slip of paper from an envelope. The slip will show an invention. You will tell the story of how you made this invention for 30 to 75 seconds. Guests are invited — but not required — to participate.

  1. Cheese
  2. Aspirin
  3. Popsicles
  4. Frisbee disc
  5. Sandwiches
  6. Glass
  7. Post-it note
  8. Maple Syrup
  9. Miniskirt
  10. Leaning tower of Pisa
  11. Ice Cream Cone
  12. Microprocessor
  13. Velcro
  14. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  15. Electricity
  16. Jeans
  17. Coca-Cola
  18. Tea Bags
  19. Paper towels
  20. Potato Chips
  21. Bricks


Victor Blandon is an experienced Toastmaster who has achieved his Advanced Communicator Bronze designation. You’ll learn more about Victor on LinkedIn.

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