February 12, 2012

Table Topics: Red

by Anita Nickerson
Anita Nickerson

Word of The Day

The word of the day is AMOROUS, keeping with RED, the theme of the week. This adjective means “strongly attracted or disposed to love”. In a sentence, “My partner shot amorous glances at me.”

Members who don’t use the word pay a $0.50 fine. There’s no penalty for guests.

Talking Points

Each attendee spoke for 25 to 55 seconds about a randomly selected topic from a red envelope. Guests were invited — but not required — to participate. Given the large attendance, the slightly shortened speaking times helped the meeting finish on time.
  1. My Bloody Valentine (movie)
  2. Red Roses
  3. Red Wine
  4. Chocolates
  5. Hugs
  6. Kisses (Hershey Kiss)
  7. Kiss (Rock Band)
  8. Casablanca (movie)
  9. Art Deco (Chrysler Building)
  10. Vacations
  11. Travel
  12. Fine Dining
  13. Red Tomatoes
  14. Red Lipstick
  15. Red Nail Polish
  16. Vodka Martinis
  17. Red Button
  18. Red Painting
  19. Champagne
  20. Cognac
  21. Croissants
  22. Cappuccino
  23. Handwritten Note
  24. Bubble Bath
  25. Surprise
  26. Kiss
  27. Gifts
  28. Big Heart
  29. Zombie Movies
  30. Comedies
  31. Swiss Watches
  32. Diamonds
  33. Jewelry
  34. Red Purse
  35. Playing Cards
  36. Folk Art
  37. Strawberries
  38. Cherries
  39. Raspberries
  40. Salsa


By popular vote, Gulzar won the coveted ribbon for Best Table Topics.


Anita Nickerson joined Goodyear Toastmasters in August 2011. You’ll find more about her on LinkedIn and her blog, Anita On The Job.

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