December 3, 2011

Revitalizing This Blog

by Promod Sharma, President 2011-2012

There hasn't been a post here in four months. What happened? Other priorities took precedence. Now that other aspects of the Goodyear Toastmasters web strategy are well in place, this blog can get more attention.

In Place

Our Meetup is used regularly now. Thirty events have taken place and there are 47 members (many from outside the club).

Twitter is functioning too. We changed from @goodyeartoast to @gytm81. Why? Because shorter is better (and because I "misplaced" the password for the original account).

The website is stable too. The content could be improved and expanded but what's there is reasonable.

There isn't much on our YouTube channel. That should also change. A new member, Barbara, donated a nice video camera. That will help with quality. Viewers are picky these days! Creating the videos is a challenge. The source files are in HD, which makes them large. The rendering is time consuming. The finished video can take a long time to get uploaded to YouTube. We'll get better with practice. As the content improves, more club members may start participating.

Why Blog?
Toastmaster clubs focuse on speaking and leading. What's the point of blogging? To create an archive of the magic that happens within the club walls and then vanishes forever. What a waste! When you blog regularly, you can get considerable benefits as this brief video from Seth Godin and Tom Peters explains.

This Blog
Time passes fast. It's time to revitalize this blog starting today. If there are only two new posts per week, we'll have over fifty by June 30, 2012. That's when my term as President ends. By then, this blog should have enough momentum to survive. If not, it will still be here as a sign of a failed experiment.

Let's see what happens ...

PS If you're a club member, you're invited to donate content. This is an opportunity, not an obligation. Ideally make posts 300 words or more. Maybe you'll like blogging enough to start your own

You’ll find more than you want to know about Promod with a Google search.

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