December 5, 2011

7 Tips to Live a Motivated Life

by Barbara Berezowski

Life is wonderful. Life is great. How blessed we are to have a new opportunity every 24 hours! There are no bad days if you keep everything in the proper perspective. Here are seven tips to live a motivated life.

1. Begin each day with a good nutritional breakfast.
Protein is the key. Watch the carbs. Have 2 eggs since they're packed with a high level of protein. If you're going to have carbs, go for a whole grain slice of bread, throw in a bowl of fruit and you're good to go. A good healthy breakfast is so good for you. It's like putting gas in the tank so that you can drive a long way.  Your body and mind need fuel to function and operate well. You'll have the energy to take on all that the new day has for you.

2. Make a plan for the day.
Write down what you would like to accomplish and get to it. Make a list and prioritize it according to importance. Start with the most difficult task and work on it until it is completed. Then go on to the next. Do this daily and it will become a good habit. There is a good feeling that comes over you as you reach your daily goals. This good feeling is what will motivate you to do the same thing again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

3. Listen to motivational messages.
As you drive in your car, pop in a motivational CD. Whether it be words of wisdom from a motivational speaker or some great music on a CD you just bought, you will feel inspired and it will make you a more positive person. Your day will play out much better because you have put yourself into a better frame of mind.

4. Appreciate life and show gratitude.
Remember that life is a gift and we need to appreciate it. Be grateful for all that it has to offer and take every chance to spread the good message to all that you meet. Be positive and problems will transform into opportunities to get better. By that I mean that no matter what challenges you face, you will find a solution and you will grow from the experience.

5. Take care of your heart, mind and body.
Your heart is your engine. Keep it working smoothly by maintaining good health. You don't have to go to the gym and work out for five to six hours. One will do. Keep things in perspective. If working out is a chore, just go out for a walk. Enjoy the scenery and know that you are doing your body good. Put on the motivational messages in your iPod and feed your inspiration by listening while you walk. Whatever you do, just move! You owe that much to yourself, don't you?

6. Laugh and enjoy.
When you hear something funny, laugh. Too many times people hold back because they feel they must hide their feelings. Laugh and enjoy yourself, always. Life is short ... have a good time.

7. Love with all you've got.
Love your family, love your friends, love your pets, love your life but most importantly, love yourself! If you don't love everything in your life, make some changes so you can. If you hate your job, look for ways to make it more enjoyable or look for something else. It does no good to feel miserable about something and just let it be. Be motivated to take some positive action to make things better. When you love yourself, you will see and experience everything in a more positive light. Be inspired to motivate yourself to live a better and more positive life.

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  1. These are great tips to live by on a daily basis for personal and professional motivation. Thank-you Barbara for providing this valuable information.

  2. Thanks Barbara. I feel motivated already :)

    #2: I tend to plan the week.

    #3: In transit, I listen to nonfiction audiobooks. With Toronto traffic, the hours add up quickly. To help others, I post mini-reviews on LinkedIn using the Reading List app.