December 15, 2011

The 2011 President’s Holiday Address

by Promod Sharma, President 2011-2012

The recording of my Holiday Address at tonight’s Holiday Party wasn’t good enough to post but here’s a transcript. Supply your own applause!

George Harrison said that for a tree to be green, each leaf must be green. He must not have known about our evergreens.

Still, we understand what he meant. The world outside may look like it's in turmoil once again. We're concerned but worrying about what we can't do much about makes us feel powerless. As Toastmasters, we know the value of focusing on where we can make a difference. We know the value of focusing on ourselves and the people around us. We do that in every meeting and elsewhere too.

Tonight we enjoyed a tasty meal and wonderful company. This year we experienced another great year at Goodyear Toastmasters. We've seen fellow members grow. I joined just over a year ago and marveled at how Trevor delivered the 2010 President’s Address. I didn’t think I could. Yet here I am.

How did you like our Secret Santa gift exchange. It was more complicated than Table Topics! But enjoyable. If we had a prize most colourful attire, Lyle would have won with his illuminated vest.

Let's thanks the volunteers who made tonight's celebration possible. Anita for finding this wonderful restaurant. Trevor for organizing. The Rudy Award is our highest recognition and you select the winner. Thanks to Jada for running the campaign and Jennifer Moon's mom for explaining the history. Congratulations to Jonathan for winning. You had my vote. Now we can get you to volunteer for more club activities ...

Once again, Gulzar took photos. Have you noticed how he takes lots of shots but we never get to see them. To prove that his camera really works, Gulzar has promised to post photos from tonight and previous events online by January 15, 2012 or pay the club a fine of $5. Since he's retired, I asked why he can't post the pix tomorrow. He explained that digital film takes a long time to develop. And he thinks no one laughs at his jokes!

Finally, thanks to Jada for making sure everyone paid and for organizing the gift exchange. That'll teach her a lesson for winning the 2010 Rudy Award!

What makes an evergreen change from green? Snow. Let's hope we have some. That's part of the holiday joy. On behalf of your club executive, best wishes to you and yours during the holidays and in the New Year.

Enjoy the rest of your evening. Remember to ask Santa for time to write your next speech!



  1. Happy Holidays Promod and GYTM! I had a great time at the party. I am so glad that I joined GYTM as I am learning, growing and always looking forward to the next meeting.

  2. I must agree with Anita. GYTM has been a wonderful experience for me and I look forward to learning and developing even more next year with everyone's assistance. Kudos to our President, Promod, for the great leadership. Thank you to Anita, Trevor and Jada for organizing a great Christmas party. I have seen Gulzar's photos, they are great! (and IN focus!) Congratulations to Jonathan for winning the Rudy Award. Well deserved!
    Merry Christmas to all Fellow Toastmasters and I wish you and your families all the best for 2012.
    Happiness and good health to everyone.

  3. Thanks Anita and Barbara. Here's to a great 2012!