December 11, 2011

Revisiting New Year's Resolutions

by Jennifer Moon, DTM

If my recollection of Roman history is correct, we have Janus to thank (or to curse) for the practice of setting New Year’s resolutions. Janus, the mythical king of Rome, had a unique perspective on life. He also had two faces. One face looked back on past events while the other looked toward the future, making him the perfect symbol for reflection and promise.

JanusHistory tells us that we’ve been making resolutions since about 150 BCE, so I guess you could say people have been making, and breaking, New Year’s resolutions for over two thousand years. Fortunately for Toastmasters, we’ve still got six months left in our year and January is the perfect time to reinvigorate ourselves and our clubs.

As we transition into a new year, have you thought about your Toastmaster resolutions? Have you taken a look at your goals and realized you’re in great shape? If so, can you spare some time and expertise to help a struggling club or to coach a member in need? January is a great time to volunteer in these capacities.

What if you realize that you’re a little behind schedule? Not to worry! Unlike the traditional resolutions that have a “best before date” of December 31st, Toastmasters have until the end of June to realize our yearly ambitions. Do you need a little help from a mentor? Would you benefit from scheduling your projects well in advance, leaving you little choice but to stay on track?

Let’s adopt a little bit of Janus’ wisdom as we work toward our Toastmasters goals. Take time to look back over the past months of success and realize just how far we’ve come. What roles have been mastered? What fears have been overcome? Use some of that inspiration as we look toward the future, and all the challenges that lie ahead. As we transition into the new calendar year, take time to celebrate successes – yours and the club’s – and enjoy accomplishing your Toastmasters resolutions.

Jennifer is a long time member of Goodyear Toastmasters and served as our Area Governor for 2010-2011. She recently joined the Board of Governors of the Ontario College of Trades. You’ll find more about Jennifer on LinkedIn.

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