July 29, 2012

Why Go To Toastmasters In The Summer

at the beachby Promod Sharma, CC

In school, we got summer holidays. Some Toastmaster clubs shut down, which gives you a guilt-free break. However, your progress suffers. Didn’t you join to improve?

Here are three reasons to go to a year-round club even during the summer:
  1. Maintain momentum
  2. More practice
  3. More relaxing

Maintain Momentum

It’s easier to keep going than to stop/restart/repeat. As Newton said, objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Inertia erases progress. Improving speaking skills is an ongoing process.

We speak everyday. We might as well continue to improve every club meeting.

More Practice

The summer is when members are more likely to take holidays --- especially if they have children. Fewer attendees means more time for those who are present. The agenda can vary.

For instance, Table Topics could be longer. You can get on the agenda more easily. You can also volunteer for more roles, which the Chair will appreciate. You can request and get more feedback.

What harm can come from practice?

More Relaxing

The summer is a nice, relaxing time of year. That may be just what you need to make a leap in your speaking. Your words might flow more smoothly. You may get better ideas faster during Table Topics.

You may want to experiment more than you might otherwise. Maybe you avoid conducting lessons. Now’s a great time to try one. Maybe you don’t prepare as much as you like. You can now. Maybe you want to redo a speech. Go ahead.


If you're thinking of joining Toastmasters, the summer is an ideal time to visit and get started. Life gets busy in the fall …


Promod Sharma is most likely to miss club meetings in August. When he's not blogging or vacationing, he's conducting Actuarial Insurance Reviews for the healthy, wealthy and wise at Taxevity.

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