July 15, 2012

Always Use A Wireless Clicker/Presenter For Presentations

Logitech Professional Presenter R800
by Promod Sharma, CC

When you're presenting with PowerPoint, you need a wireless clicker/presenter to advance the slides. The best choice is your own since you’ll know exactly how it works.


Audiences pay attention to motion. If you must return to your computer each time to move through the presentation, you distract your audience with unnecessary movement. You might even block their view temporarily.

If you use an assistant, you’re dependent and don’t look very competent.


If you must advance each slide manually, you're anchored to your computer. That's ineffective. When you use a wireless clicker, you can move around.


If you're planning to do more presentations, you'll benefit from buying your own wireless clicker. You can get one at places like Staples, Best Buy and Amazon.

Nice to haves include
  • a laser pointer (green is better than red)
  • a countdown timer to help you end on time without glancing at your watch
  • a button to blank the screen to focus attention on you when a visual isn't needed
  • a power switch to prevent battery drain when not in use
Some devices have a trackpad or arrows to allow mouse movements. You may find that feature helpful or a distraction.

A basic model will do when you're starting out. You can upgrade later and keep the simpler unit as a backup.


If you want  to bore and distract your audience, show them too much information on a slide. You'll get better results by using more slides or by building the slide to show one element at a time. Creating slides with builds takes longer, which gives you more time to learn the content.


Bring extra batteries. If your clicker has a laser pointer, try that. If the beam is strong, your batteries are probably fine. If there's no beam, you may have inserted the batteries incorrectly. Check that before you replace the batteries.

Unless your clicker has a reliable on/off switch, remove the batteries after use. That's also a good precaution if you don't make presentations regularly.


Promod Sharma has three wireless clickers and posts his presentations on the YouTube riscario channel and at www.promodsharma.com/presentations.

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