April 15, 2012

Thoughts On The Theme: Write A Book

portable typewriterby Promod Sharma, President 2011-2012

At Goodyear Toastmasters, the Chair picks the theme for the meeting. I had this role this week and chose Write A Book. You’ll find more details here.

Members with key roles provide their thoughts on the theme to the
  • Chair: Table Topics Master, Debates Master, Lesson Master, Viewpoint Master, Toastmaster, or
  • Toastmaster: General Evaluator, each speaker
The Chair or Toastmaster reads the thoughts when introducing the club member. Examples follow.

Thoughts From The Table Topics Master

This is what Magie wrote:
The title of my book would be “The Hard Asked Questions”. It would be recommended for married couples or those who plan to get married. My book would cover controversial questions that you dare to ask your significant other. It encourages open communication to help couples get to know each other better in your not-so-typical discussions. It would be located in the self-help section in the book store right beside Dr. Phil’s book called “Relationship Rescue”.

Thoughts From The Toastmaster

This is what Ed wrote:
My new novel is about a homeless man who kicks a can out of anger and frustration one cold night. He hears a rattling inside the can and empties it into his palm. A shriveled green pea falls into his hand. Something beyond his understanding compels him to make a wish. A most incredible, supernatural tale unfolds at this point but I shall not ruin the rest of the story for you. The book is called, " The Old Can and the Pea". My pen name is Bernie Hemway and I'm self-publishing because most publishers don't know a good story when they read it. Look for it in paperback. No tree has every saved me from anything.

Thoughts from the General Evaluator

This is what Jonathan wrote (not read due to timing constraints):
I LOVE writing - no joke! When I was less than 10 years old I started writing a Pokemon story that was nearly 100 pages long, handwritten (never finished it). I've been in the process of writing a fantasy novel for the past couple of years but so far I've really only worked on the backstory for it - hope to be able to take that a little more seriously!
As you can see, these thoughts are well-considered and diverse. They are also lengthy, which can affect the meeting timing.


Promod Sharma generally limits his thoughts on the theme to a sentence or two. He wants to write a book. Here’s why and how.


  1. Promod,

    I commend you and the participating club members for engaging an audience outside your regular Toastmaster meetings.

    I came across your Blog while researching a certaiin topic.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Thanks for your comment, Roman. We're here to help both inside and outside the club.