April 28, 2012

Running A Club Election

votingby Promod Sharma, President 2011-2012, CC

This is post is specifically about Goodyear Toastmasters but our process can apply to other clubs. We've already appointed an Election Chair and held an Election Panel.

Election Chair

The Election Chair oversees the whole election process. This includes informing/motivating members, collecting nominations and running the election. Our Chair is a former club President who is not running for a position.

Election Panel

Members may not know
  • the specifics of an executive role
  • the profile of a suitable candidate
As a result, members --- especially new ones --- may feel a role is beyond their capabilities.

To overcome these concerns, we had an election panel in which the current executive explained and answered questions.

Since some members were unable to attend and others might want a refresher, we put a video on YouTube. I can't share the link since the video is candid and some people get concerned about being filmed. That means viewing is restricted to club members.


The Election Chair will send additional details to members and answer questions. The names of nominees are not announced until the time of the election. That means there is no formal campaigning.

Exceeding Expectations

If a club has problems, you can likely make improvements and get labeled a hero. What if the club is already running well? Candidates may wonder how to exceed the already high expectations. This is a false concern. Improvements can always be made.

The unexpected happens too. During this term, there were rumours that our room rental rates might skyrocket. That could have required an unwelcome boost in membership fees. Luckily, nothing materialized.


The club has excellent members which will make voting challenging. Members who do not get elected can still participate.


Promod Sharma has been in other groups which do not run elections as smoothly. He blogs about marketing and risk.

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