March 18, 2012

You’re A Competent Communicator. Now What?

Toastmasters CC manualby Promod Sharma, President 2011-2012

After you finish the 10 speeches in your Competent Communicator manual, you've graduated speaking school. You're now a Competent Communicator. You're among the elite. That's quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!

Now what?

You can stop but if you keep going, speaking becomes more interesting. You've mastered the basic skills. Now you're ready for speaking university. You get to pick what you'd like to learn from 15 advanced manuals with five speeches each.
  1. Toastmasters Advanced manualsThe Entertaining Speaker
  2. Speaking to Inform
  3. Public Relations
  4. Facilitating Discussion
  5. Specialty Speeches
  6. Speeches by Management
  7. The Professional Speaker
  8. Technical Presentations
  9. Persuasive Speaking
  10. Communicating on Video
  11. Storytelling
  12. Interpretive Reading
  13. Interpersonal Communications
  14. Special Occasion Speeches
  15. Humorously Speaking
You'll find descriptions here.

There are three levels beyond Competent Communicator: bronze, silver and gold.


Complete two advanced manuals and you earn your Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB).
What's more, you get these two manuals free.


Once you're an ACB, you complete two more advanced manuals (not free this time). You also give two presentations from the The Better Speaker Series or The Successful Club Series. Now you've earned your Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS).


Guess how you get your Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)? You complete two more advanced manuals, give a presentation from a specified set and mentor a new member through their first three speeches.


If you're going for the gold, you'll complete six advanced manuals (30 speeches). You can pre-select the manuals now. You might want to buy all 15 manuals as a set.

You might want to stretch by resisting the "obvious" choices for you. For instance, in real life I'm mainly Speaking To Inform (226B) and doing Technical Presentations (226H). While I can certainly improve, the incremental advantages are limited. I could get more advantages from straying further from comfort and taking greater risks.


Here’s my roadmap.
Bronze Silver Gold
on Video
The Professional Speaker The Entertaining Speaker
Storytelling Public Relations Specialty Speeches

I’d like to finish one level each 12 months. What's your plan?


Promod Sharma completed his Competent Communicator manual this month, exactly 15 months after his first speech. For more about him, visit

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