March 10, 2012

Table Topics: The Tropics

by Barbara Berezowski

As Table Topics Master of this week’s meeting, with its theme being TRAVEL, I thought it would be a great idea to design the Table Topic activities to be in line with the theme.

I decided to focus on "The Tropics". Hawaiian music, a slideshow of tropical destinations and a lei greeting at the door helped set the mood of the night. Lyle was a great contributor of spirit arriving in a brightly coloured Hawaiian-style shirt, an armful of props and a great smile!

clip_image002Table Topics were served from a tropical tray loaded with fruit cups, topped with tropical paper umbrellas as the garnish. It was under these decorative umbrellas, that the members found their topics.

Fun was had by all. Everyone, including every guest, participated with Great Spirit. This contributed to the quality of the presentations given, so much so that there was a three way tie for the Winner! Three Awards were handed out to Anita, Yvonne and Trevor. Congratulations to these members as well as everyone who participated.

Thoughts On The Theme

My thoughts on the theme of Travel (read by meeting chair, Anita):
For those lucky enough to leave their backyards and travel, whether it be down the street or to the other side of the world, I am so thrilled for you.
It can be an experience of a lifetime. Open your mind and be prepared to meet people from all walks of life and see new sights that can be beyond your wildest dreams.

All in all, you will earn an education that no brick and mortar institution could ever give you. So pack your bags and "Bon Voyage!"

Word Of The Day

Word of the Day: vivacity [vi-vas-ity]

Meaning: liveliness

Members who don’t use the word pay a $0.50 fine. There’s no penalty for guests.

Table Topics: The Tropics

  1. Easter Island Explorations
  2. Telephones in Thailand
  3. Activities in Australia
  4. Bikinis in Bali
  5. Night Life in Negril
  6. Ocean View in Ocho Rios
  7. Sunset on the shore
  8. Flamingos in Florida
  9. Cocktails in Cayo Coco
  10. Coconuts in Cuba
  11. Relaxation in Rio
  12. Tan Lines in Tonga
  13. Trade winds in Tahiti
  14. Deck Chair in Dominican Republic
  15. Fun in Fiji
  16. Sunglasses in St. Kitts
  17. Rain in Spain
  18. Food in French Polynesia
  19. Sand in Samoa
  20. Royal Hawaiian Resort
  21. Happy in Hawaii
  22. Duty Free Shopping
  23. Shells on the Seashore
  24. Flip-Flops in Florida
  25. Beach Blanket Bingo
  26. Bali Beachball
  27. Cruising the Caribbean
Barbara Berezowski is an Olympian, Hall of Fame Inductee and inspirational speaker. You’ll find more at


  1. What a creative approach to Table Topics! I was so taken that I forgot to use The Word Of The Day. Well done!

  2. Thank you Promod, your vivacity during the entire meeting made up for not having remembered to say the word of the day during Table Topics! Lol! :)