November 9, 2012

Using the Website Meeting Agenda as Chair

This is a guide on how to use the meeting website agenda as the Chair of Goodyear Toastmasters.

Step #1: Select Meeting Agenda

The very first thing you want to do is log in as a member. After that, select "Meeting Agendas" from the side column on the left of the page.

Step #2: Edit Meeting Agenda

You will see a set of buttons on the Meeting Agenda page. As Chair, the two you want to pay attention to are "edit this meeting agenda" and "email this meeting agenda". I have circled them in red in the above screenshot.

Click on "Edit This Meeting Agenda".

A new screen will open up. You don't need to worry about any of the stuff under "Meeting Agenda Items" unless you need to manually change who is selected for a specific role or edit any of the text. Members can manually add and remove themselves from roles so this should be up to them. However it's good to know you can do this too. For now, click on "Meeting Agenda Setup" which I have circled in red.

Step 3: Enter your Theme

Scroll down on the next window until you see this box. Type the theme of the meeting in the area I have circled in red as well as any other details that you would like to be sent out in all of the following emails. Whatever you type in here will be sent out in every email for this specific meeting agenda. Click Save and Close.

The theme of the week and whatever else you typed in there will also be displayed in the area I have circled on the meeting agenda on the website for everyone to see.

Step #4: Email Meeting Agenda

Now that you are satisfied with the meeting agenda, click "Email this meeting agenda" to send it out to members. Clicking on this button will not automatically send it out. You still have one more step.

This is the final step. You can type in a custom message here that will only go out with this email if you so desire. For instance, this would be a good place to announce that you are still looking for people to fill in for missing roles. What you type here will not be displayed on the meeting agenda description.

It is also VERY important to make sure that the "Send to all club members" box is checked or else nobody will receive your email.

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