August 31, 2012

I Love My Club - Contest Promo

Hey Goodyear Toastmasters!

This is a message from your 2012 club president, straight from me to you!

District 60 has announced a contest called I Love My Club calling all Toastmaster clubs to come up with a short 2 minute video on why they love their club. What will the winning club get?

  1. Video will be posted on the District 60 site (free marketing!)
  2. $100 Toastmaster Buck Certificates (improve club equipment!)
  3. Movie Speak
  4. Free Club Banner
  5. Bragging rights as the #1 Club!

This is a call to action for Goodyear Toastmasters to create a video on September 13th which shows why we truly love our club more than all the other clubs in District 60! And if there's one thing I know about Goodyear Toastmasters, is that our members truly do love our club. Even if you are uncomfortable being on camera, there will be other ways you can get involved and help out so there is truly is no reason to not be here!

So come one - come all! Take part in the creation of our I Love My Club contest video on September 13 at Goodyear Toastmasters in Etobicoke!

I'll be there, will you?

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