May 30, 2012

Getting A Video Recording Of Your Speech

video camera Canon Vixia HF R200by Jonathan Holowka, VP Membership 2011-2012, CC

The days of tape and standard definition video are over.

Goodyear Toastmasters just purchased a brand new HD video camera, a Canon Vixia HF R200 (Amazon link). Thanks Gulzar for doing the research.

The new camera records videos on an SD Card. This changes how you get your recorded speeches from now on. Essentially, you will have two options on how to view/receive your recorded speech. These are:
  1. YouTube (using the club’s SD card)
  2. Bring your own SD card


Before worrying about putting your speeches on YouTube, please read the following about YouTube's three levels of privacy settings and how these apply if you wish to view your speeches this way.

YouTube Privacy Setting level #1 – PUBLIC

This is the default level setting of YouTube videos. If you were to search out "Jonathan Holowka Speech" then my videos would come up and you could watch them.

YouTube Privacy Setting level #2 – UNLISTED

In this setting, if you try to search out the video it will not be found. However, it is online and can be watched but only if you are provided with the direct link.

Here is an example. Our recent club video of the Executive Role Descriptions was set to unlisted. The only people that are able to see this video are club members. If you type the video title "ELECTION PANEL 2012" into the YouTube search bar, this video will not show up. Go ahead and try.

YouTube Privacy Setting level #3 – PRIVATE

This final level is the same as Unlisted, however even if you are provided with the link you will not be able to view it without being given explicit permission by the club officer who manages our YouTube channel.

Here is an example of a private video on my own YouTube channel: Click it and see what happens.

If you wish to have your speeches recorded and put on YouTube, please let us know which privacy setting you wish for your video.

Why Put Video Online?

There are also 3 distinct advantages to having your video put online:
  1. Convenience: there is no work from your end
  2. Cost: you do not have to buy or maintain an SD card
  3. Portability: you can watch from any computer that has Internet access and you will not be able to lose the video

look for the 10Option #2 - Bring Your Own SD Card

I am not going to go into detail on this, However this option is very simple. Simply go out and purchase your own Class 10 SD card and bring it when you are doing a speech. We will use it in the club camera and you can take your SD Card home and do with it as you wish.

You can purchase a Class 10 SD Card from any store that sells camera supplies. A Class 10 SD Card usually costs between $10 - $20. You’ll want a minimum size of 4 GB. Larger is better.

What does "Class 10" mean? This is simply the recording speed of the card. If you use anything less than Class 10 (eg. class 9, class 8, class 7, etc.) it will not record properly. You can tell what class an SD card is by looking at the number circled on the front of the card.


Jonathan Holowka is currently VP Membership 2011-2012 and founder of Create A Resume. On July 1, he starts his term as President 2012-2013.


  1. Thanks for writing it, Jonathan.

    Members who want complete control/flexibility have another choice. They can bring in their own cameras.